[ April 2000 ]

                                 01 The Healing Room
                02 What Doesn't Belong To Me
                03 Jealous
                04 Daddy I'm Fine
                05 Preacherman
                06 Hold Back The Night
                07 Till I Whisper
                08 Emma's Song
                09 If U Ever
                10 No Man's Woman
                11 Summer's End
                12 Rainy Day
                13 The State I'm In
                14 Kyrie Eleison
                15 Full Circle                 "I have chosen St. Brigid's day in honour of God the Mother, the spirit of Compassion. As represented by Brigid who brought
                Music to soothe the world. I realise this doesn't look like Brigid! But it is a representation of feminine creativity. And Peace.
                In honour of the Goddess."

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                    Part One (blue sleeve): Nu Yorican Soul Mix / Nu Yorican Instrumental / Masters At Work Dub 2
                Part Two (red sleeve): Rollo Remix / Masters At Work Main Mix / Masters At Work Dub 1                 
                1 Release (Album Edit) 4:15
                2 Release (Rollo Remix - Radio Edit) 3:59
                     3 Release (Nu Yorican Soul Mix) 8:01

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