March 10, 2001
Handed by Kai Chai

Boy George On Sinéad
taken from Boy George's column in the Express Newspaper, circa 1998.

Another fab night out was the War Child benefit
concert at Sound Republic. The highlight was a
stunning performance by Sinead O'Connor, who sang like
an angel and even managed to smile. I am told that
Sinead rarely sings her number one hit Nothing
Compares To You but we were treated to a hearty
rendition and it nearly brought tears to my eyes.
Sinead was supported by Terry Hall, ex of The
Specials, who bellowed at the crowd mid-song because
they were talking: "How would you like it if I came to
your workplace and sang over your laptop?" His mood
did not improve throughout his set and he left the
stage muttering something about creeps in Armani
suits. I shouted: "I'm wearing Versace dear," but he
didn't seem amused. Don't you just love a moody pop

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