July 28, 2000
(From 8 Days)

The Corrs on Sinéad

What was your reaction when Sinéad O'Connor ripped up a picture of the Pope on Saturday
Night Live?

Sharon: The fact that she tore up a picture of the Pope, I didn't think was really insulting or anything.
I think the Pope is well above that. I'm sure people do things like that all over the country. They're just
not stars. But my first thought was, "Why bother?" You can't tarnish a whole religion or thought by a few bad
people. Just because a few bad things happened within the Catholic church doesn't mean you rip up a picture
of the Pope. The Pope didn't do all those bad things. Maybe a few bad wrong ideas here and there. But the
basics of the religion are good. I don't know why [Sinead] was obsessed with the Pope. He's just a
figurehead. She was just dwelling on a human being. He's not God.

Andrea: I think tearing up a picture of the Pope was too easy to do. If you really have a problem then you
have to go out there and work to make some changes. Although I don't want to criticise what she did, I
just didn't find it useful. All it did is get her a lot of bad attention.

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