[ December 2000 ]

            This time round, the defiant Irish singer delivers not
            a sermon of fire but a psalm of forgiveness. Her pop
            songs bear weighty spiritual messages about loving
            oneself, but they carry themselves lightly, as if
            lifted by seraphim's wings.

            The entire Top 10 is as follows; congratulations to Sinéad and everyone who worked for and believed in the Faith and
            Courage project.

            1. Voodoo - D'Angelo
            2. Kid A - Radiohead
                3. Faith and Courage - Sinéad O'Connor
            4. Shostakovich String Quartet - The Emerson Quartet
            5. Lovers Rock - Sade
            6. I Am Shelby Lynne - Shelby Lynne
            7. You Were Here - Sarah Harmer
            8. Allegresse - Maria Schneider
            9. Chasin' The Gypsy - James Carter
            10. The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II A Book - Wyclef Jean

            The Impossible Dream
            (Original 1965 by Richard Kiley from the Broadway musical man of la mancha (Don Quixotte)
            Covered in 1992 by Sinéad O'Connor

            It's highly possible that the song was recorded by Sinéad for Am I Not Your Girl? project, but didn't actually made its way
            into the album. Judging from the fact that there are a bunch of songs that appeared as b-sides and on the Japanese release
            of the album, the song was really recorded but unfortunately never saw daylight up to this day.

© 2000 Deniz Cebe
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