February 16, 2001
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from dotmusic

Paul McCartney and Robbie Williams head an amazing array of stars who have re-recorded tracks for 'Brand New Boots And Panties' - a reworking of Ian Dury's seminal 1977 LP, dotmusic can exclusively reveal. 

The pair are joined by Catatonia's Cerys Matthews, Sinead O'Connor, Madness, Billy Bragg, Shane McGowan, Feeder's Grant Nicholas, Wreckless Eric and comedian Keith Allen who have teamed up with Dury's amazing band - The Blockheads - and producer of the original 'New Boots And Panties', Laurie Latham. 

We can reveal that the album features a high-octane performance from Paul McCartney, on a rollicking version of 'I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra', while Robbie croons and then explodes on the classic 'Sweet Gene Vincent'; the track he debuted exclusively during a live webcast on dotmusic last June. 

Meanwhile, Cerys Matthews is certain to cause controversy with her red-hot, sex goddess version of 'If I Was With A Woman'.

The album is released on East Central One Records on April 9th and the full track listing is as follows:

'Wake Up & Make Love With Me' - Sinead O'Connor & The Blockheads
'Sweet Gene Vincent' - Robbie Williams & The Blockheads
'I'm Partial To Your Abracadabra' - Paul McCartney & The Blockheads
'My Old Man' - Madness
'Billericay Dickie' - Billy Bragg & The Blokes
'Clevor Trever' - Wreckless Eric & The Blockheads
'If I Was With A Woman' - Cerys Matthews (Catatonia) & The Blockheads 
'Blockheads' - Grant Nicholas (Feeder) & The Blockheads
'Plaistow Patricia' - Shane McGowan & The Blockheads
'Blackmail Man' - Keith Allen & The Blockheads

Ian Dury died of cancer last year and a portion of the profits of the new album will be donated to Cancer BACUP, for whom Dury was a spokesman and campaigner.

dotmusic will be launching a special 'Brand New Boots And Panties' feature site ahead of the release featuring the story behind the album, interviews with many of the artists taking part, exclusive clips of a selection of the tracks and loads more stuff we're not allowed to tell you about just yet. 

We are also planning to re-webcast last year's Ian Dury tribute show, recorded live at Brixton Academy, to coincide with the album's release.

So stay tuned for lots more 'Brand New Boots And Panties' exclusives on dotmusic.

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