Hot Press
March 1, 2000
Q&A with Sinéad O'Connor
1.  Who would be the last person you would invite to your birthday party?
A:  John Waters

2  Who would be the first person you would invite to your birthday party?
A:  My children, Jake and Roisin

3.  Favourite saying?
A:  "The man who does not lose his mind over some things has no mind to lose."

4.  Favourite record?
A:  Satta Massagana by The Abyssinians

5.  Favourite book?
A:  The Book of Revelation (in the Bible)

6.  Favourite film?
A:  Into the West

7.  Favourite author?
A:  Neil McCafferty

8.  Favourite actor/actress?
A:  Sean Penn/Julianne Moore

9.  Favourite musician?
A:  Bob Marley

10.  Most embarrassing moment of your life?
A:  While filming The Butcher Boy I was standing on a table all dressed up in me Virgin gear, pretending I was on a mountain appearing to Francie. Neil Jordan asked me to step back a bit, and I fell off the table.  It was very funny too, but I remember really getting a fright because I really did believe I was falling off a mountain.  Needless to say, Neil screamed laughing at my terror, not actually at my falling.  That was sooooo embarrassing.

11.  Favourite food/drink/stimulant?
A:  Indian/cafe latte/singing

12.  TV programme?
A:  Neighbours from Hell

13.  Favourite TV personality?
A:  Ian Wright

14.  Favourite item of clothing?
A:  Me priest gear

15.  Most desirable date?
A:  Dermott

16.  Favourite method of relaxation?
A:  Singing and sex

17.  If you weren't pursuing your present career, what other might you have chosen?
A:  If I was not a singer and priest, I would like to be a journalist or a make-up artist.

18.  Biggest thrill?
A:  Being kissed on both cheeks by Nina Simone at the Hot Press Awards last year.  I couldn't even speak because her beautiful energy made tears well up in my heart.

19.  Biggest disappointment?
A:  John Waters.

20.  Your concept of Heaven?
A:  Death.

21.  Your concept of Hell?
A:  Disneyland.

22.  Greatest ambition?
A:  To be a priest.  So I've achieved that, thanks be to God.

23.  Period of history you'd most like to have lived in and why?
A:  Now, because it's revelation time.

24.  If you weren't a human being, which animal would you have chosen to be?
A:  A wolf, because wolves are great mothers.

25.  If you were told that the world was ending tomorrow morning how would you react/what would you do?
A:  I'd do nothing because I wouldn't believe it.

26.  Your nominee for the world's best dressed person?
A:  Myself, in me priest gear.

27.  Favourite term of abuse?
A:  Cunt

28.  Biggest fear?
A:  Fear itself.

29.  Humanity's most useful invention?
A:  Low-dose epidural.

30.  Humanity's most useless invention?
A:  Money.

31.  What would be your dying words?
A:  "Thank fuck!  At last!  I'll get to see my mother."