[ January 2001 ]

            A Year Of Passionate Intensity
                Faith and Courage - Sinéad O'Connor

            SINEAD O'Connor's ability to convey emotion through her singing is nowhere
            more in evidence than on this classic record a beautifully emotional,
            innovative and searing piece of work that showed the girl is still keeping
            it real. And how.

            The passionate intensity never lets up for a moment. On The Lamb's Book of
                Life, the 33-year-old angelheart sings: "But if you knew me maybe you would
            understand me/ Words can't express how sorry I am if I ever caused pain to
            anybody/ I just hope that you can show compassion and love me enough to just
            please listen."

            Everyone should listen to Faith and Courage.

© 2001 Deniz Cebe
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Last updated on March 9, 2001