[ March 2001]

                Q. Having worked with Kathy Burke, is there anyone you would like to duet with?
            DG. Not really. There are lots of people Iíd like to work with but itís not something Iíve given a lot of thought to. What normally
            happens with these things is that they come out of the blue. You havenít thought about it and then you think "yeah ". There
            are some people with great voices. Sinéad OíConnor is a really obvious one and Iím sure there are loads more but Iím rather
            bad at remembering this sort of thing. Nina Simone or Tom Waits or someone like that would be brilliant.

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  • [March 29, 2001 - Handed by dotmusic.com] The Ian Dury tribute album Brand New Boots And Panties is to be reased on April 9 by East Central One Records. The album is a re-recoring of Dury's 1977 original and features performances by an impressive array of stars including Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney, Shane McGowan and Sinéad. dotmusic.com has a new microsite for the album where you can listen to a clip of Sinéad's Wake Up And Make Love With Me and see a nice autographed picture. Click on the banner at the right and enjoy!
  • [March 26, 2001 - Handed by PK & Mandy] Sinéad has given support to the Irish Cancer Society's Daffodil Day Appeal by donating an original signed painting to the organization's online auction, which is the first on the Internet. Visit www.daffodilday.org to learn more about the appeal and bid on Sinéad's painting which is an illuminated representation of Psalm 1!
            Here's the opening verse of The Lamb's Book Of Life:
            "Out of Ireland I have come
            Great hatred and little room 
            Maimed us at the start
            And now home just breaks my heart" 

          ...and here's the last verse from Yeats' Remorse For Intemperate Speech, a poem from his 
         .book The Winding Stair And Other Poems, published 1933:
            "Out of Ireland have we come
            Great hatred, little room
            Maimed us at the star
            I carry from my mother's womb
            A fanatic heart"

a wee night for uaneen :-: olympia theatre, dublin - march 4, 2001
            :-: All Ireland Music
            :-: Where's The Craig

       And here's your exclusive feature, full downloads of all four songs Sinéad sang in the concert!
You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart -duet with Gavin Friday- (March 4, 2001 Live) :-: download>>
The Healing Room / Singing Bird (March 4, 2001 Live) :-: download>> (two songs as one MP3 file)
Waiting In Vain -duet with Mundy- (March 4, 2001 Live) :-: download>>

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