[ May 2000 ]

                         01 No Man's Woman (Album Version)
            02 This Is A Rebel Song (Remix / Non-album bonustrack)
            03 Her Mantle So Green (Non-album bonustrack)

            INFO: The CD single is a German issue, with the catalogue number at0083. The second track is a brand new remix of This Is  A Rebel Song and the oooooothird one is an Irish traditional done a capella.

             June 8 David Letterman Show
             June 9 Rosie O'Donnell Show
             June 9 Howard Stern Radio Show
             June 12 CBS  - The Early Show
             To be announced: The View, MTV and VH1                          

                01 The Healing Room
                02 No Man's Woman
                03 Jealous
                04 Dancing Lessons
                05 Daddy I'm Fine
                06 Til I Whisper U Something
                07 Hold Back The Night
                08 What Doesn't Belong To Me
                09 The State I'm In
                10 The Lamb's Book Of Life
                11 If U Ever
                12 Emma's Song
                13 Kyrie Eleison

          Rainy Day, Preacherman, Summer's End (which was released on The Avengers soundtrack back in 1998) and Full oooooCircle (a Loreena McKennitt cover recorded for John McKenzie's new film, When The Sky Falls) seem to have been left oooooout; probably to be used as b-sides for the upcoming singles. There are two additions, though -- The Lamb's Book Of oooooLife andDancing Lessons.


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