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          Here's the opening verse of The Lamb's Book Of Life:

          "Out of Ireland I have come
          Great hatred and little room
          Maimed us at the start
          And now home just breaks my heart"

          And here's the last verse from Yeats' Remorse For Intemperate Speech, a poem from his book The Winding Stair and
          Other Poems, published 1933:

         "Out of Ireland have we come
         Great hatred, little room
         Maimed us at the start
         I carry from my mother's womb
         A fanatic heart"

a wee night for uaneen :-: olympia theatre, dublin - march 4, 2001
         :-: All Ireland Music
         :-: Where's The Craig

        And here's your exclusive feature, full downloads of all three songs Sinéad sang in the concert!
You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart -duet with Gavin Friday- (March 4, 2001 Live) :-: download>>
The Healing Room / Singing Bird (March 4, 2001 Live) :-: download>>(two songs as one MP3 file)


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