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                Edward (Guest): I know you're a huge Sinéad O'Connor
                fan. Me also. I love her music. Which album would you
                say has influenced you most in terms of lyrics, for
                example "TLATC," "Gospel Oak?"

            Chantal Kreviazuk: "I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got"
            and "Gospel Oak" have definitely had such an impact on
            me. The thing that I love so much about all of Sinead
            O'Connor's work, is that besides showcasing her
            supernatural vocal style, she does not allow
            meaningless, frivolous, songs to show up on her
            albums, even if she did not write it all by herself.
            She is very selective and constantly upholds her
            integrity. I don't know about her personal life.

            The tempestuous Irish chanteuse crossed paths with
            James relatively recently, as Saul Davies explains.
            "She came down to the studio on night to see Eno, He
            played her some of the stuff and she was dead cool.
            She asked if there was anything we'd like her to sing
            on, and we suggested 'Vervacious'. It had previously
            just ended with music, quite turbulent, aggressive
            music, and its whole end section with her voice
            and these weird little pulses was Eno doing his thing.
            It's funny because she's got such a beautiful voice
            and he made her sound like a robot!"                 You recently collaborated with Sinéad OíConnor in
                a live radio performance. How was that?

            SJ: She was at this radio station in Boston doing an a
            cappella set and Iím a huge fan of Sinead. I mean,
            talk about people getting a bad rap. Itís so weird.
            Sinead and Courtney [Love] canít say a thing without
            getting slaughtered. I love her album, I Do Not Want
                What I Have Not Got and I wanted to cover her song
            "The Emperorís New Clothes." And she was there and
            I contacted her and said, "Weíll be your backing band.Ē
            And she said, "Okay, but can you sing with me? Because
            I sort of forgot the words." So we typed up her lyrics and
            we introduced her, and people booed her because Boston
            is such a Catholic town and theyíre still mad because she
            tore up a picture of a the Pope on Saturday Night Live a
            few years ago. Iím like, Ďthe Pope can take it!í So she
            came out, and we did a song together and I gave her a
            hug and told her she made my day. It was cool.

                What new bands do you like?
            Susanna Hoff:I like Travis. I was a real early follower of Travis.
            Michael Steele: Elliot Smith and Macy Gray - she's quite formidable.
            And the new Sinéad (O'Connor) record is like...wow, it's awesome, check it out.                              Faith & Courage
            Amazon.com's Best of 2000
            As a controversial artist who's confounded and even
            repelled fans, Sinead O'Connor returns with a pop
            triumph. Demonstrating an ability to move fluidly from
            raucous rock to ethereal reggae, O'Connor's pop
            sensibilities sparkle without sacrificing her hard-won
            wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Faith and Courage
            shows us both. --Kevin Cole             One of this years most praised albums is undoubtedly
            Sinead O'Connor's "Faith & Courage". The album has
            received praise all over the world and in Australia it
            is fast approaching Gold sales on the back of only one
            single - the first - "No Man's Woman". "Jealous" is the
            second single from the album and perhaps the most
            reminiscent of her smash hit "Nothing Compares 2 U"
            it has major cross over potential. The single includes
            2 b-sides previously unavailable "Summer's End" and
            "Full Circle". The first was co-written with Ashtar
            Command and the second is a Loreena McKennitt song.
            Sinead is set to arrive in Australia shortly on her
            first promotional tour of the country.             Sinéad O'Connor / Anthology
            (Holland import)

            01. I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
            02. Jackie
            03. Three Babies
            04. Fire On Babylon
            05. Black Coffee
            06. Thank You For Hearing Me
            07. Scarlet Ribbons
            08. In This Heart
            09. Never Get Old
            10. I Want To Be Loved By You
            11. Black Boys On Mopeds
            12. Drink Before the War
            13. "Famine"
            14. This IS A Rebel Song
            15. The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance

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