My Personal Sinéad Story

The story I’m going to share with you is full of adoration and love,  this story on one of the biggest influences in my life, on this gorgeous looking Irish woman who saved my life – in the spiritual sense.

I was only ten when my father, who has a great taste in music and from whom I think I have taken after mine, introduced Sinéad O’Connor to me. An unusual image she was, for a ten year old boy; with cropped hair, a hauntingly beautiful voice and big impressive eyes that each and every time had a different meaning. Sometimes deserving and full of sorrow; sometimes incisively determined; and sometimes most beautifully happy.

Nowadays, I believe that they were the reflections of Sinéad’s personality and consequently her art. Whether invigorating a situation and offering a solution, or swimming in a deep pool of sadness; Sinéad’s music is always true and real at both aspects. Thus, for every Troy and Fire On Babylon, there was a Thank You For Hearing Me and Petit Poulet. Throughout the years, it has been Sinéad who I played when I felt down and depressed; and it was also her when I rushed to play when I wanted to get up off the floor or when I was completely happy and content with myself.

Of course, this is something very special and unique for everyone; but if you’re a teenager growing up and having a deal of problems, this is even more special and extraordinary. I guess this is the main reason why I feel so much devoted to Sinéad now.

It’s been nearly eight years since I’ve known Sinéad; and now, after years full of exploration and appreciation of her music and her social and personal actions, I feel her like my company, literally. Although I’ve never met her nor had any contact with her, she has a very important place in my life and even in my own self, which I see purely as a result of gratitude and love I feel for her.

It’s just very strange and rare – in every way – to be influenced this much by someone you don’t know, someone who lives miles away from you and someone with whom you don’t have any contact.

Pure art, I think is what this is called. Not humanly impossible, but really very hard for an artist to achieve. A way soothing and nourishing; accompanying one in many personal journeys, giving a sense of love and peace; I guess that’s what makes music and all art universal and something worth following. How many artists could achieve something like this?

I feel lucky, as I have one in my life. I feel sure by now, that if Ms. O’Connor wasn’t involved in my life, I wouldn’t be the same person today.

“Save a man’s life and you save the world,” says an old Jewish proverb.

Thank you, Sinéad. Your light will always shine in me.