A Wee Night For Uaneen
Olympia Theatre, Dublin
March 4, 2001

Reviewed by Julja Seeman

First I think that it was a really great event. I didn't know Uaneen but many people seem to love and appreciate her. Sinéad had one guest appearance and sang 3 songs on her own: 

Thief Of Your Heart
The Healing Room
Singing Bird 

She did the last one a capella and it was really impressing. We had to wait a very long time until she came on stage. The audience was kind of kept excited by her not appearing earlier. Which was great! It showed that she IS loved by Dublin. :-)

She wore a green long beautiful skirt and a black shirt with short sleeves and her big golden cross. Her hair is pretty short with its natural brown-black colour. The gig started at 7:30 pm and she appeared at around 10:30. Her voice was so beautiful and I was moved to tears when she sang The Healing Room, one of my favourites. Actually, I sang with her, very loudly. I think she
heard it as it was very quite in the hall. 

Sinéad, she was so beautiful.   But she was so shy. Sometimes she's not but this night she was, extremely, exactly like in 1997 when I saw her in concert.

It seems that she doesn't even dare a glance into the audience. Just a very few times... Very cute!