Irish Sunday Independent
September 24, 2000

Bullies made Yates suffer
for entertainment's sake

The tabloid campaign against Paula Yates was bound to
push her to either  insanity or death and she was just too
sensitive to cope, says Sinéad O'Connor.

PAULA Yates is dead and the vultures want to pick over her bones. Not
satisfied with having pushed her toward death, just as they did with Diana,
the tabloid laggards will have their feast upon her flesh even now.
I wonder how many deaths it will take before they change their cruel ways.
She was a tiny woman. Tiny women make good fodder for bullies. Bullies who
lie in wait until a person is at their most vulnerable and then kick them
when they're down. Cowardly bullies, who haven't the guts to pick upon big
men. School-yard bitches, jealous of a woman more beautiful than they could
ever be.

Who is surprised that Paula is dead? No one. Why? Because the tabloid
campaign against her was bound to push her to either insanity or death, for
our entertainment and their rent.

They who sully the word journalist pounced upon her in her grief at the
death of Michael Hutchence, revealing that the man she thought was her
father was actually not, in the most vicious of ways at the most vicious of
times. Hounding her continually, judging her, pointing the finger, which
stinks. So many cruel judges. "Let he who is without sin cast the first
stone," and they stoned her to death. For being stoned.

They knew she was suffering from severe depression. They knew she was
suicidal. They knew she was lost and too gentle to fight back.
Paula Yates was like a child, in the most beautiful and tender of ways.

They knew that and knowing all they did, they used it to destroy her for
entertainment's sake. Still for entertainment's sake the bones will bepublicly
raked over. Some people don't feel they are worth anything for simply being
themselves. They don't think they can get along in this world unless they
steal a living from other people. Steal some of other people's gold. They focus
on tiny people. People who are vulnerable as children. They beat and kick and
spit and punch their victims until they get their gold and then they blame the
victims, simply for being victims. Some people just can't handle being bullied
and that is the lesson to be learned from Paula's death. Some people are
strong and develop a suit of armour, but others like Paula are too sensitive to
cope. At some point, those who are strong enough, need to start fighting back.
Journalists for example, who are fed up of what has happened to journalism
because of bullies. The bullies can only do what they do because we read all
about it. Our money is the reason Paula Yates is dead. Our desire to watch a
woman fall apart. Why didn't we desire to help her instead? Why do we we put
money in the pockets of bullies?

Sinéad O'Connor

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